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Test af MegaMenu

This page contains a mega Menu.

Only one link is made clickable - it is the last link in dropdown 3. This link leads to the Calendarforum.

The menu is made with pure CSS and HTML.
The icons in dropdown 3 is png-images.
In column 1 and column 3 the images shown is just shown resized to 30 px width.
In the middle column the icons is shown in 300 px when hovered.
This could be images of products.

The images in top of each column could also have been made "hoverable". This will do that you can show an image in 100 px. height and then. when hovered, it will show in full-size - could be 800 x 600..
I have now made the right image in dropdown 2 hoverable.
The code for the mega-menu is rather simple. Only thing is, that you have to set the z-index. If you don't set this the navigation will lose focus when hovering.
Added a dropdown with a "live" calendar and a "live" map.
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